Who We Are

Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, a guy who knows a thing or two about being in front, once said: “We weren’t too ambitious when we started out. We just wanted to be the biggest thing that ever walked the planet.”

That’s what we want for you.

Funnel Architects mission is to help businesses develop and create massively profitable sales processes and funnels that they can count on.

Sure you could spend months & months of trial and error doing it yourself, but I’d bet, we’re better at this than you are. We better be…that’s why we get paid, very well, to do this. Online sales and marketing is our bread and butter, it’s our specialty. Funnel Architects is built on a code or core set of values that we believe are extremely important. We hire, fire, and choose clients by this code so it’s only fair that we share them with you as well.

Our team, which is one of the best in the industry, is fearless lead by Josh Brown and Nate Kennedy…

Josh Brown – Co-Founder & CEO

Josh Brown has been in the information marketing business for over 10 years and has developed into one of the highest paid and most sought after direct responses email and sales letter copywriters today. His work has brought in well over $10,000,000 for his clients and quite frankly that numbers is just what we have documentation on right now…it is likely much higher.

Josh has been partners in and developed multiple online sales and marketing businesses and is a highly sought after online marketing and sales consultant.

Josh’s strengths are: Direct response sales and marketing, copy writing, and sales & business strategy. But he is just one half of the Funnel Architects equation…meet Nate, our other fearless leader…

Nate Kennedy – Co-Founder & COO

The MechanicNate Kennedy is self proclaimed ‘Tech Geek’ that has a knack for simplifying business systems and marketing processes.

When building a long term marketing plan you’ll find that Nate is an expert at leveraging a companies need for Velocity Marketing and Prestige Marketing. This helps every company generate immediate profitability while funneling their top prospects to them automatically.

Along with building his own businesses, Nate has been the secret weapon for helping other top online companies automate their high profit marketing funnels.

If you are looking for some one to help you organize the technical chaos, improve your long term customer value, and maintain a respectable brand then Funnel Architects is your answer.